ALB Hong Kong IPO Handbook 2024 | ALB香港首次公开上市手册2024


ALB Hong Kong IPO Handbook 2024 | ALB香港首次公开上市手册2024

The ALB Hong Kong IPO Handbook 2024 provides guidance to companies on solving the variety of issues they will face in their listing journey in Hong Kong. The IPO handbook features a number of requirements that a company need

  • USD100

  • ISBN 978-988-8591-16-9

  • Format Paperback, eBook

  • Language: English, Simplified Chinese

ALB Legal Guide to the Greater Bay Area 2022 | ALB 粤港澳大湾区法律指南2022

In just the first three years since it was first unveiled, the GBA is living up to its promise, growing faster than the average across China, and continuing the southward shift of the centre of gravity of China's economic activity. The GBA is brimming with education, talent, and capital, and the connection to Hong Kong gives it unique access to global capital and services. In the longer term, it should be able to act as a catalyst for China’s broader Belt and Road Initiative, including becomi

  • USD100.00

  • ISBN 9789888590261

  • Format Paperback, eBook

  • Language: English and Simplified Chinese